My ocean plastic dream


Exhibition at Ground countrol in Paris for the Conscious Festival 2022

Today, single-use plastics constitute more than 60% of marine pollution. “My Ocean Plastic dream” is a series of photos in which marine creatures and plastic objects (generally intended for children) are mixed in a deliberately pop and kitsch aesthetic, inspired by the world of advertising. With bright colors and branding, advertising pushes us to consume more and more, to buy objects that are as polluting as they are useless. This series is therefore a mise en abîme of the absurd: while the mass of objects built by human beings now exceeds that of all living beings, between 19 million and 23 million tons of plastic arrive each year in the waters of the planet, much of which ends up in the sea. Yet we continue to educate our children with plastic toys. The mass of plastic is double that of all animals, when will it be double that of our children?