Sorry baby for the uncertainty


” Sorry baby for the uncertainty” is a series that speaks about an invisible fear that has very visible roots, from the way we eat to the way we move, the way we dress, what we read, watch, listen, eat – today everything that surrounds us can lead to a feeling of eco anxiety. And there are plenty of reasons to fall for it : natural disasters, climate refugees, unsustainable economic model, overpopulation …etc In this context of environmentally induced distress, more and more women question if they should have a child. I am one of them. Human in general and women in particular constantly hear ” Have a child it is the most beautiful thing on earth / but also / Do not make a child it is the only way you will not keep on destroying the planet earth ! “, Why would I give life to someone to who I can’t guarantee a sustainable future in every aspects, but what if our children could make a difference? In this series I explore this paradoxical injunction, this cognitive dissonance that women endure persistently, whether they have chosen the path of motherhood or not, to try to open the reflection about the action to put in place for a more sustainable world. We use to feel guilty and considered as selfish when we were not doing kids, now we also feel guilty and selfish if we want one.